In Process #1: Felix Kiessling – Now Now Now / Felix Kiessling, Sarah Schönfeld, Philip Topolovac

15.12.21 — 10.03.22

In Process #1: Felix Kiessling - Now Now Now

Opening 15.12.2021 6-9 pm


An exhibition in three parts by Felix Kiessling, Sarah Schönfeld and Philip Topolovac


Mario Iannelli Gallery is pleased to present the second event of the project Work in process #1. 

From 15 December 2021, Felix Kiessling presents “Schmetterling (Ausgleich)”. 

The piece - a manipulated gallery light - flickers in a pattern based on real-time data of global lightning events registered by a network of sensors on ships and weather stations. Each time lightning strikes, the gallery space lights up. This light radiates out onto the street through the gallery windows and thus connects the immediate surrounding with the global events.

“Work in process #1” is a project followed by the publication of “Work in process”, which documented the activity of the Mario Iannelli Gallery from 2014 to 2020 (CURA. books, 2021) and aims to continue the research on the work observed in its material and conceptual process.

The presentation of Felix Kiessling's work is the first episode of a group exhibition divided into three parts, a "work in progress" that awaits following the involvement of Sarah Schönfeld and Philip Topolovac, whose works will be added to the installation. The duration of the exhibition runs from December 15, 2021, to March 10, 2022.

The title "Now Now Now" that goes with this first part was conceived by Felix Kiessling to focus on the meaning and process of the work introduced with a critical text by Prof. Dr. Florian Hadler, a Visiting Professor for creative entrepreneurship at the Berlin University of the Arts whose academic work focuses on digital culture and the philosophy of the unknown.

Schmetterling (Ausgleich) intends to reach the chords of perception of a global and planetary universe. Here, Felix Kiessling creates a piece that plays with the interweaving of different technological levels, scientific data and physical conditions on Earth and in the cosmos. 
By misappropriating existing infrastructures, in this case, the functionality of a gallery light, he creates a subtle distortion and minimal irritation.

In his recent work “Earth Piercing Italy-Chile”, he virtually perforated the Earth with a straight line that joins two poles located at the Torre Flavia Natural Monument in Italy and at the Embalse El Yeso lake in Chile. 
This work was published in the catalogue “Sympatric Areas”, a long-term artistic and ecological research project curated by artQ13, with a critical text by the art historian Giuliana Benassi who observes how Kiessling implements “a modus operandi derives from an understanding and a phenomenological vision of the world that leads him to think about things with a different perspective than that imposed by man and, alongside these suggestions, Kiessling engages in dialogue with science, using it as a mechanism to contrive new questions”. 

Schmetterling (Ausgleich) creates a phenomenon parallel to nature and simulates reality into a "hyperphenomenon", a kind of inverted "butterfly effect" where the whole world merges into one single light.

The visionary power of the work also raises the questions surrounding the evolution of the Earth's climate that currently push with greater pressure to raise awareness.
In other of his works, he questions specific topics such as "WWSS Weltwas-serspiegelsenkung" (Reduction of the global water level), "Your map is not correct anymore", in which he questions the construction of borders and maps by taking elements such as water and rock from the natural environment and "Insolation” created in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

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