Galleria Mario Iannelli

Via Flaminia 380, 00196 Rome, Italy

(side entrance)

+39 06 92958668

Mario Iannelli starts his activity in 2006, focusing on the Italian art from 50ties to 70ties, curating exhibitions by some of the major exponents. After two years of work from 2010-2012 with “Galerie Mario Iannelli Berlin”, he returned to Rome in 2014, grounding a new hub to collaborate with international artists who share the common interest in experimenting with contemporary visual language.

The exhibitions were often the climax of residence periods that aimed at the realization of unedited projects, generating as well a stimulating cultural exchange.
The programme pulled out a unique reflection on the present time through artistic researches that combined different conceptual perspectives with a wide range of media, exploring the expressive potential of the space.

Subsequently, the gallery raised the interest in exhibit the artists’ research in group exhibitions that have focused on their work.
The exhibited projects were featured in numerous exhibitions at international galleries and cultural institutions.

The progressive publication “Work in Process” documents the Mario Iannelli Gallery’s activity aiming at supporting artistic processes and focusing on process-based conceptual work.