Daniel Lergon: Lines and Grids

06.10.21 — 20.11.21

Galleria Mario Iannelli is pleased to present the solo exhibition “Half my soul belongs to you” by Paula Doepfner and the solo exhibition “Lines and Grids” by Daniel Lergon from 6 October to 20 November 2021.

Daniel Lergon’s painting work raises questions about perception, experience and intuition, simultaneously with those of optics, light, matter and form.
His painting technique in general is characterized by the interaction of different surfaces of the canvas (as painting ground) with the different applied painting substances. 
He used transparent and synthetic varnishes on retro reflective fabric and high-tech fabrics, elemental metals like powdered copper, zinc, and oxidized iron with water on wall, metal, canvas and paper and recently pigments in oil on a canvas which was either primed on neon yellow to highlight the background’s luminosity. 
These techniques “charge” the painting ground with a physical or chemical potential or simply a potential of color and they also charge the work’s “eigenraum”, or “own space”, in which the viewer shares an emotional and physical reaction to painting.

“By displaying states of action and flow” on such a charged surface “Lergon's compositions are representations of transformation”. (Aaron Bogart, from the text of the catalogue of the exhibition "Roter Reise", 2019)

In his solo exhibition, Daniel Lergon presents a recent cycle of works on paper made with alizarin crimson red. Previously he exhibited in the gallery a series of paintings similarly made with one pigment, a phthalo green (Unter Grün, 2017) and showed one work executed with the alizarin red oil pigment (Monochromes, group exhibition, 2019).
 In these works the artist has explored the potential of color through different pictorial registers, from a more minimal one in which he draws with an oil bar on a neutral white background to another in which, on the contrary, the painting emerges from a scratched and vibrant surface. In the latter one, the red pigment, that was used before to draw, is applied through a metal grid and then partly scraped away by hand. 

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